Three Kingdoms: The Battle Begins Wiki


What follows are the various types of weapons and a short description of each. The links following that lead to a list of all the actual weapons in that category.

Melee Weapons[]


One-handed weapons have the lowest attack values in the game but also the lowest attack speeds, enabling them to attack faster than their two-handed counterparts. They also enable the use of a shield for added defense, making them the preferred choice for Defenders.

One Handed Swords

One Handed Sabers

One Handed Blunt

One Handed Axe

Short Swords


Two-handed weapons have very high attack values but also very high attack speeds, making them slower to swing. However, being able to punch out more damage every time allows for greater damage, making them the usual choice for Champions.

Two Handed Swords

Two Handed Sabers

Two Handed Blunt

Two Handed Axe


Please note that Craftsman can use any type of melee weapon with efficiency but learn limited skills that deal with their use.

Ranged Weapons[]


Ranged weapons that use arrows are the bow and crossbow, used by the Ranger class. They have a greater range than throwing weapons but are weaker and slower.



Throwing Weapons[]

Ranged weapons that use various thrown objects are the throwknife and the bullet, used by the Warden class. They have a lesser range than bows and crossbows but are attack faster and stronger.



Magic Weapons[]


Fans are a one-handed magical weapon type that have lower magic attack than canes but allow for a shield. Doctors usually prefer this setup as it allows them to remain alive longer to support teammates.



Canes are a two-handed magical weapon that do not allow shields have higher magic attack than fans. Tacticians usually prefer canes as they can deal more damage per second.