Three Kingdoms: The Battle Begins Wiki

Attack Speed: 650

Note: Uses rocks to attack (this is backwards but correct, it's a known bug)

Training Throwknife

Practice Throwknife

Bronze Throwknife

Iron Throwknife

Hot Iron Throwknife

Strong Throwknife

Starry Throwknife

Horses Throwknife

Silver Throwknife

Skystrike Throwknife

Piercing Throwknife

Icey Throwknife

Pitchdark Throwknife

Full Sky Throwknife

Dragonfly Throwknife

Green Throwknife

Diamond Throwknife

Beastly Throwknife

Goldstar Throwknife

Panther Throwknife

Skyrock Throwknife

Ghost Throwknife

Mad Sun Throwknife

Red Light Throwknife

Essence Throwknife

Typhoon Throwknife

Throwknife of Stars

Tigress Throwknife

Ghostly Throwknife

Furious Throwknife

Godly Throwknife

Ghostly Throwknife