Three Kingdoms: The Battle Begins Wiki

The Way of the Soldier[]

Players who become soldiers are versatile in the ways of many weapons. Not only can they use a wide variety of weaponry but soldiers are well versed in the ways of close ranged combat.

Male Warrior

This class is designed to stand against any foe it faces and be able to dish out punishment, take severe damage and still continue to fight. Soldiers must decide on a plethora or weapons, mainly being one or two handed. If you choose two handed weaponry you will be able to execute both large damaging and AoE (Area of Effect) skills, helping your party in many situations. Any well-balanced group should have at least one warrior to be able to smoothly take down their foes.


Just as I've mentioned before, Soldiers and warriors must utilize a wide range of skills to be able to effectively combat enemies. below is a list of skill names, levels gained and Mp cost. other special costs and attributes will also be included.

Skill Table[]

Female Warrior

Icon Skill Name Level Gained Mp cost
Slice.jpg Slice level 6 (information from Uforia) (needs to be added)
Thrust.jpg Thrust level 6 (information from Uforia) (needes to be added)