Three Kingdoms: The Battle Begins Wiki

Attack Speed: 320

Training Whip

Practice Whip

Bronze Whip

Iron Whip

Steel Whip

Devil's Pestle

Cold Snap Whip

Gold Iron Whip

Bundled Lumps

God Slicing Whip

Attack Rod

Nine Node Whip

Gold Dragon Whip

Ghost Spirit Whip

Fire Whip

Six Edge Whip

Gold Iron Whip

Whip of Agony

Sky Cloud Whip

Zombie Whip

Sky Crack Whip

Absolute Flame Whip

Hawk Whip

Horse-slicing Whip

Dragon and the Tiger

Iron Light Whip

Blue Flame Whip

The Devil's Whip

Pain and Misery

Spear of Titans

Drill of Gods

Yinyang Nine-Spear Bundle