Three Kingdoms: The Battle Begins Wiki

Hero quests are quests given that require the player to defeat bosses, whether they be Yellow Turban officers of some form of bandit leaders.

Wu Hero Quests[]

Deng Mao (Location : Deng Mao Encampment, South of Wu Starting village pass the bridge and go south east)

Stonehead Mountain Bandit Leaders (Location : Stonehead Mountain Dungeon. South of Deng Mao Encampment. No tag required)

Ho Man (Location : Ho Man Encampment. North of Kuaiji Bricked Town, the one with trainers)

Fan Chou (Location : Fan Chou Base. East of Luoyang)

Wei Xu (Location : West of Luoyang, near Hangu Pass)

Gong Dou (Location :Gong Dou Base. South of Tong Pass)

Li Jue (Location : Li Jue Base. West of Luoyang, near Great Farm Field)

Guo Si (Location : Guo Si Base. South of Great Farm Field)

Chen Lan (Location : Chen Lan Base. East of YiYang)

Lei Bo (Location : Grand High Mountain)