Three Kingdoms: The Battle Begins Wiki

Attack Speed: 1100

Note: Canes have a Magic Attack stat and are one of two weapons that can use magic attack skills.

Practice Cane

Moon and Stars Cane

Forest Cane

Sky Tiger Cane

Strong Cane

Black Iron Cane

Rock Crushing Cane

Blessed Cane

Thunder Spirit Cane

Grand Mentor Stick

Devil Slaying Mace

Cane of the Wind God

Heavenly Cane

Cane of Torrents

Iron Sand Cane

Diamond Cane

Eternal Youth Cane

Cane of Intensity

Devil Cane

Cane of Crystals

The Devil Slayer

Wizard's Cane

Gold Threaded Cane

Dragon Head Cane

Heaven and Earth

The Jade God

Black Wood Cane

Mace of the Phoenix

Cane of the Dead

The Devil's Blood

Fight Cane

The Devil Slayer