Three Kingdoms: The Battle Begins Wiki

Attack Speed: 650

Note: Uses small swords to attack (this is backwards but correct, it's a known bug)

Training Bullet

Practice Bullet

Bronze Bullet

Iron Bullet

Hot Iron Bullet

Strong Bullet

Piercing Bullet

Tidal Bullet

Devastating Bullet

Metalpierce Bullet

Killer Bullet

Brutal Bullet

Devastating Bullet

Jade Dragon Bullet

Exploding Bullet

Imperial Bullet

Veterans Bullet

Glass Bullet

Sky Axis Bullet

Flashing Bullet

Sky Net Bullet

Heroic Bullet

Mammoth Bullet

Bullets of the Wolf

Fire Wing Bullet

Blood Bullets

Bullet of Agility

Iron Finger Bullet

Shrapnel Bullet

Lively Bullet

Sporting Bullet

Oiled Bullet