Three Kingdoms: The Battle Begins Wiki

Attack Speed: 950

Note: Uses arrows to attack

Training Bow

Practice Bow

Energy Bow

Angled Bow

Half Moon Bow

Bow of Strength

Quickshot Bow

Bow of Assassination

Flower Bow

Ascending Bow

The Black Bow

Hades Bow

Bow of the Prince

Flying Riger Bow

Bow of Morphing

Breathtaking Bow

Dragon Etched Bow

Bow of Prey

Cloud Dragon Bow

Bow of Legends

Military Bow

Black Martial Bow

Crescent Bow

Hidden Devil Bow

Bow of Truth

Thorny Bow

Divine Bow

Heaven's Miracle Bow

Heaven's God Bow

Windy Forest Bow

Iron Splitting Bow

Rain of Death